A good earning does not provide comfortable life but the good investment in your home with well equipped amenities does the job for you. We, the Imperia Structures Ltd., have come up with the phenomenal plan of making your life more blissful and comfortable to live-in. As described, the, Imperia – Prideville project is going to be equipped with world class amenities that are surely going to play a major role in bringing the comfortable and healthy life of our clients. The showcase of the project is not only just because of it’s covered space area but a good project demonstrates the physical as well as a moral requirements of an individual such that he can prosper both mentally and physically.

Imperia - Prideville amenities is happy to announce that each and every care of it’s family to-be is taken seriously whether it’s a case of your inner health or the physical well-being. With lush green surroundings and the pollution less environment, the Prideville amenities have come up with the provision of club for their clients enhanced with all the modern equipments for gymnasium, swimming, jogging etc. covered under terrific area of more than 3000 sq. Feet. Not only this, there are certain more Prideville amenities like yoga/meditation garden, seating garden with the flowers blossoming in its periphery which can bring wonders in your mental health.

There is no harm in saying, “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. Prideville amenities will never let you dull your life by providing highly efficient basket ball and badminton courts where you can excel to take out a sports person in you.

Now, no more of the words in papers, we prideville amenities, request you to come forward and have a glimpse of much efficient and world class amenities which could transform your way of living and thinking of affording such a high class home at desired price. Here is walk around of Prideville amenities, have a look and desire to be a part of Imperia – Prideville family!

Jogging Track

Get your pores open and sweat glands active with running or jogging in our tree-laded jogging track with fresh oxygen.

Peace Garden

Give yourself a time to think and take important decisions peacefully in our peace garden with the soothing fragrance of seasonal flowers.

Seating Garden

It is well said,” Friend in need is the friend indeed”, realize your friend his importance in your life by spending a time and soaking Vitamin D in our sun laden seating garden.

Yoga/Meditation Lawn

With the conventional means of engineering it is important to concentrate on “Inner Engineering” as well. Take the time out for Yoga and meditation to concentrate on your self-being.

Kids Play Area

Especially for the mums’, “ Tired of chic-chak” of your kids”?, we have well equipped kids play area you can leave the child and relax a while.

Basketball Court

All the basket ball enthusiast in Prideville need not to join any academy or look for the superior coaches of the game as the court of International standard with coaches are available for all the basket ball lovers in Prideville.


You need not to visit a Caribbean island with your family or friends, we at Prideville, gives you an opportunity to feel the fully flourished and photogenic ambience of an island where taking selfie and updating check-ins is more a task.

Swimming Pool

Fitness reveals the persona and constitutes a healthy life. Dive in our swimming pool at Prideville and give your lungs a task to breathe in and out.

Badminton Court

Prideville gives you an opportunity to be your own saina Nehwal or Palela Gopichand by providing you the best of the badminton court with experienced coaching depicting our focus towards the mental and physical growth.

Cricket Pitch

It isn’t a sport but a “Religion’, so Prideville respects the religion of a common man by providing you the cricket pitch with high class coaches where you can be the next Sachin Tendulkar.