Location Map

Most of the societies are now a days located in quite a hosh-posh or you can say densely populated sites where one has to think of commuting using his own conveyance. Keeping this in view, Imperia – Prideville project is a planned project in the vicinity of various educational universities and professional hubs. There has been difficulty among various buyers that they keep on thinking of buying the optimum home in the desired society for themselves regarding the location of the society. We the Imperia family have an advantage of the Prideville location over the various other societies in the following way:

  1. Situated in the city light suburb at yamuna expressway we are located just opposite to the International Budh Circuit (highly integrated F1 track). The prideville location gives its sports enthusiast clients a chance of participating and witnessing the sports of International level as we are located in the vicinity of international cricket and hockey stadium.
  2. Good education develops the overall quality of an individual. Every parent want it’s child to do wonders and take up their own responsibility by studying and pursuing career of their choice. With physically and mentally strong families at Prideville, they are distinguished to take up the decisions for higher education of their children with all renowned Universities in the proximity of the location of Prideville.
  3. The commutation to office and nearby public transport is no more and issue. The proposed Metro project and Jewar Airport at around 20 mins of the distance time add more colours to the Prideville project as far as location is concerned.
With effective commuting and overall planning of the Prideville location, it gives us immense pleasure to reduce the burden of thinking for our clients that where to invest and where not?